Question PC Build Question

Aug 27, 2020
I am planning on building a PC whenever I can get my hands on the rtx 3080. I am on PCPARTPICKER and have the items I want. The site says their may be a issue with the power supply and motherboard. Can someone tell me if this build is completely compatible?
If you look at the ** comments, it suggests that the psu does not have the requisite eps power connectors.
That may not be necessary with such a weak processor and a single graphics card.
I suggest you rethink.
Some thoughts:

Only if you will be gaming at 4k resolution with a monitor capable of higher than 60hz would a 3080 be appropriate.

a 2600 may be too weak to drive such a graphics card.

Ryzen wants fast ram to perform at it's best. 3200 is a bit slow.

I will never again build without a ssd for the "C" drive. It makes everything you do much quicker.
240gb is minimum, it will hold the os and a handful of games.

If you can go 500gb you may never need a hard drive.
With ssd prices down, even 1tb is reasonable.

You can defer on the hard drive unless you need to store large files such as video's.
It is easy to add a hard drive later.