[SOLVED] PC Build suddenly stopped working, won't turn on but mb has power

Dec 18, 2018
I built a computer last year and it's been running fine for the 13 months I've had it. However, I turned it on tonight and I kept it on the default login lockscreen for about 10 minutes. As I went to go log in, it randomly shut down and now it won't turn back on. My motherboard has a green light saying it has power, and it responds unplugging the power. Here's my setup. Like I said, I built it in November 2017 and have around 1500-2000 hours on it. As I've tinkered around with it, I'm starting to think it's my case itself. The mechanical, wired power button, underneath the 'UI' power button on the case itself, popped out. But even pressing the wired button doesn't do anything. Nonetheless, I'm thinking that may have gotten stuck, causing the shut down, and for whatever reason it's not responding to the click now. But any advice besides this? I'll probably end up taking it in but wanted to try figuring it out myself. Thanks!
Unplug the power button from the front I/O header on the motherboard. Take a screw driver and touch the two pints/pins associated to power and see if your system turns on and stays on. If it does then the power switch is the problem.
Dec 29, 2018
I’ve had a similar issue and i found out the 8 pin cord was beoken from my psu. Im not saying it’ll fix it but if you have an extra psu it could be worth a try. If anything try what the other guy said that should have the same affect as a start button so if that doesn’t work its most likely a psu or cpu issue. Best of luck hope it’s something simple and cheap