Question PC build to use as a psuedo-NAS


Oct 20, 2010
I'm looking to build a PC and use it as a psuedo-NAS by sharing a drive over the network through Windows network sharing. My target for storage size is ~75 TB.

If I go the absolutely cheapest route possible, this would cost around $3500 (I can Raid0 8x10 TB HDD).

Okay, this all sounds risky, but I can re-generate these massive amounts of data in about 2 weeks if I have a disk fail, and cheap price is at a premium.

I have 2 other Windows workstations on my 10 GiB LAN. I also have a custom software solution to prevent separate machines from writing to the same file simultaneously.

So my question: is this a bad idea? Is there a cheaper way to get that many TB?