Question PC Build

Feb 18, 2019
Hey guys thank you for sparing some time on my post.
I have decided to upgrade and since my old PC is too outdated i will have to throw it in the trash and buy everything new.
So this is the build i have made so far
SSD - here I already own it.
PSU - here Already own it too cuz my old one stopped working.
GPU - here have decided to go for rtx cuz i cant go to AMD gpu without buying a new PSU. Prefering to put the money in the GPU basically since i already have one
CPU - here - Decided to go for ryzen 7 2700x since its the most powerful amd has to offer and it comes with a cooler so saving a few bucks
RAM - here
Mobo - here
Case - here
The problem i have is that i am really concerned with choosing ram and motherboard. For motherboards i can spare up to 220£ the most. I want to overclock in the future since when it starts to get outdated i can drain some more life out of it. Is this good motherboard to overclocking the CPU to for example 4.0ghz+ ? I really have problems choosing ram. If you could help me with that it would be great guys. The same ram has different chip manufacturer. This ram says that it is compatible with every single 400 AMd series motherboards>? Its not on the list for compatibility for my motherboard :/. Please suggest me rgb ram cuz i love the way it looks i know it sounds stupid. Please suggest me also a mobo <3
Thanks in advance


I would ask you to change the PSU to an RM series unit. Also, you could've easily had your parts listed off on PCPartPicker, would've eliminated all the work you did with the URL's and text. Your build is fine. Just that the PSU could be a bit better. You also didn't mention what your absolute budget for the build is...?