Question PC building newbie needs advice

May 8, 2019
Not sure where to post this. My main problem is technically the motherboard but i have many questions

So I bought a prebuilt pc around 5-6 years ago with the intent to upgrade it at some point. I've been putting it off for some time because pc building seemed very complex. But now i finally have the money and curage to begin upgrading.

Current specs:
Asus H81M-P
GPU: GTX 750
CPU: Intel i5 (?) (Will update with specifics)
Ram: 2x HyperX Fury 8gb
Storage: Seagate Desktop HDD 4000gb
Power supply: Cooler Master 500W

Theres also a wifi card model: PCE-N15

I bought the following components as upgrades

Upgrade specs
GTX 1660 Ti
Storage: 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 500gb SSD
Extra storage: WD BLUE 500gb ssd

The plan
Upgrade the GPU. Install the os on the EVO Plus SSD, and use the WD SSD and old HDD as extra storage. I also recently saved a pretty new Corsair case from being thrown out and is considering moving all parts to that since it has more USB ports and such

The Problem
From the looks of it I don't think my motherboard supports the EVO Plus SSD, but searching google turns up nothing for me so I'm not completely sure maybe you guys can tell me.

If this proves to be the case, I'm considering buying the ASUS ROG STRIX X370-F motherboard. But i want to hear the opinion from other people with more experince in building, before i make my next move and waste more money on components i can't use. Also i want to know if i missed any potential problems with my planned build.

Just say the word if you guys need a picture of the case i don't know the specific name of it.

Thank you so much in advance. :giggle:

-Mustache Bud
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The ASUS ROG motherboard is for AMD chips, so won't work with your Intel chip, and you would need new RAM on top of that as that board uses DDR4 and your old board with have DDR3. A that point you might as well buy a new MB, RAM and CPU and just have a new PC.
use CPU-Z to know what is in your computer

As for upgrading, you can not use the M2, because it needs an M2 motherboard, and since it's really hard and expensive to get a motherboard that will with with your computer, you need to return that or buy an enclosure.

Basically, you have left your upgrade so long, that it's too old to do anything to really upgrade your computer, that would make any real sense.
May 8, 2019
Okay so the M.2 is off the table for my motherboard.

What if i then were to install Windows on the WD BLUE SSD. Install the GTX 1660 and use the old hard drive as ekstra storage.

Would that be a viable build?