PC can´t wake up after falling asleep


Dec 22, 2015
Hello so i have quite new desktop pc (MSI GAMING M3 MB,i5-6600,8GB DDR4RAM, some EVGA 500W PS, Win10 64) and it´s quite annoying, that when i put it into sleep mode or it falls asleep by itself (no LEDs, fans ON) and i want to wake it up by pressing power button, it turns on the fans and LEDs so it looks it is running, but it doesnt show anything on the screen and no interaction with any buttons except holding power button (or switching PS off), doesn´t do anything. So i have to turn it off by holding power and than turn it on. My friend with very different desktop has the same problem. I was trying to find solution, it is quite popular problem, but no luck.

Please do try changing these settings from Power Option that may help.
- Open Power Options then click on Change Plan Settings then Change Advanced Power Settings.
- Expand Hard Disk then set Turn off Hard disk after to NEVER.
- Expand Sleep and set Allow hyrbid sleep to OFF.
- Set Hibernate after to NEVER.
- Do also set Sleep Mode to Never.
- Click Apply and OK then test it again and see if the same problem will persist or not.
- Do also open Device Manager and make sure that the keyboard and mouse are both set to wake up the PC.

Hopefully this will help. :)



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