Question PC case fans not working properly

Apr 11, 2020
I got my PC around 3 years ago. I originally wanted to build it myself but instead my family just bought it from some prebuilt company. I don’t know how reputable it is but I’m guessing not at all like most prebuilt companies. The company is CyberPower PC and it had no issues until a couple weeks ago. All of my fans have been developing some sort of problems. One has been looking a little unstable and the other 2 sometimes don’t start spinning when my computer starts up until I manually open up my case and give them a little spin. One of the front panel fans also makes some weird noises. All of them seem to be really hot in the middle but I have no idea if they are supposed to be or not. I tried looking into the problems of the front 2 but the front panel doesn’t seem to have any obvious way of opening it.


Virtually all front panels are removeable. Probably 99% of them, even when they look like they are not. How do you think they got the fans in there in the first place. Usually they either just pull off, using plastic nipples that snap into place in the front of the case, or they screw in from the inside of the case into the front panel OR they have release tabs that must be released from inside the case where the front plastic panel snaps into notches in the frame.

Taking a few pics of the case and fans, both inside and out, would be helpful. You are correct in assuming that CyberpowerPC is a snake oil salesman type company. They are so well known for craptastic buffoonery of the first degree that we actually have an entire moderators build dedicated to the MANY examples of cornholed garbage we see on a regular basis when it comes to prebuilt CyberpowerPC and iBuypower PC systems. In plain terms, 99% of what comes from them is purely junk, although admittedly it's not entirely due to the hardware they sell. There ARE usually a few good pieces of hardware included, depending on the system.

But generally the assembly is poor. The installation of the OS and applications is poor. The supporting hardware such as power supplies, cases, fans, motherboards and coolers are generally low quality and sometimes we've even seen them come with hardware that couldn't possibly EVER work together, so we know that it couldn't have ever been tested. Not to mention, the support after the sale is virtually nonexistent. I have yet to see anybody with a story about a satisfactory customer service experience.

If you have an invoice of the original sale, or know what model the fans are, that would be helpful as well. Also, the rest of the hardware specs would help too such as motherboard model, CPU, memory kit model, exact power supply model, CPU cooler, etc.