PC closed cooling loop making dripping noise


Oct 2, 2015
I'm really in need of assistance.. As of two days ago, I started hearing a dripping sound. I have a closed loop on my PC, but I never touched it or filled it. The computer came pre built, so I wasn't really sure what I was getting into at the time. So what could it be? There doesn't seem to be water damage. The loop seems to be in good shape.. The dripping only starts when I'm gaming

Here's an album of pictures. http://m.imgur.com/dMLlJNa,Xj5QrP9,2vKusp0,ZqFjL0e,l3ZfYrP,U29rdzm,1eXe1mF,SSZAYwe,NGNuIEc,o8SotOs,so3p0pU

And here's a video of the sound. https://vid.me/vFRC

Should I try to replace the water cooler? literally have no idea how.. I'm kind of scared to try and do it, since this was all setup for me I had no worries.. But I have no idea how to do water cooling. Help would be greatly appreciated :).
Start with powering down the system, removing the connection from the wall socket.

Then press the power-on button to remove residual power in your computer.

Take one or more tissues, and carefully wipe around and along the cooler on top of the processor, the tupung and the entire radiator - as much of it as you can reach.

If you notice wet spots on the tissue you have a leak.

If not, there may be an issue with a fan or with the pump.

If your system is under warranty, contact the manufacturer.

If not, still contact them and inquire about repair options.

Or find a local tech or shop you might trust and ask them if they can either replace the cooler with an air cooler or another water cooler or if they can help you troubleshoot the problem.

For what it's worth, I listened to the video with maximum volume (and some other volume settings) and in the cacophony of noises, I didn't hear a dripping sound.

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