Build Advice PC completely died overnight

Oct 5, 2022
Have had my new build for about 2 months now and everything running smoothly, good temps and performance etc so I am really beside myself. Covid also hit me this week and I have a week off work and can't game so I'm genuinely upset so here goes in my desperation I come to you guys;

Was doing some light gaming, nothing strenuous that night, turned off PC and jumped into bed. Next morning there was a feint burning smell, thought it was odd but got up to make my coffee. Pc wouldn't boot, found it strange then noticed the burning smell intensified. I basically freaked out and unplugged everything and left it for 24 hours.

Next day attempted to power up again with side panel of the rig off. Heard the tick of the PC attempting to boot then a spark came from the CPU and the burning smell was very strong. Unplugged everything again and popped off the cooler to have a look, no scorch marks or anything anywhere to be seen. No bursting capacitators either; although could be some hiding some of the plating of the mobo - In which I don't want to remove in case of warranty.

I am perplexed. All my components are high quality. My main power is plugged into surge protection. How this happened while my system was powered off I have no idea. I am so sad as I have just put this thing together not long ago. I have warranties for everything so financially I'm not too fussed.

I am hoping you guys would be able to help me in any way, or have heard of this happening before? Apologies for formatting; am on mobile for obvious reasons 😞

Ryzen 5600 + (temporary) stock cooler
Aorus Elite v2 mobo
Corsair Hx850 psu
HyperX Fury 16gb ddr4 ram
NV.me2 970 500gb ssd
1060ti GPU (temporary)

Thank you guys 💔