PC completely freezes when NOT stressed

Jun 14, 2018
Hello everyone,

I've been struggling with a really odd issue for the past few days and have exhausted all my diagnostic capabilities.

Some brief back-story of how this problem emerged:
I was playing BF1 with a couple friends the other day and everything was fine until I got a BSOD saying something about MEMORY_MANAGEMENT, which pointed towards faulty RAM, which was confirmed using Windows' memory diagnostic thing. I had recently bought 2x4gb of the same brand and model memory that I had since I needed to upgrade so I first tried removing the older sticks, which solved the issue (confirmed with the memory diagnostic tool).
Kinda sucks having to buy another two sticks so soon but oh well, I thought.
Instead, it got so much worse.
After removing the sticks, the PC would start to completely lock up for no apparent reason; I'd be browsing reddit or youtube or whatever, nothing heavy.
Nothing would work; sound stopped, mouse and keyboard unresponsive and even the physical reset button on the case would not work. The only way I could reset was holding the power button down for a few seconds.
Since the BSOD was so recent and the problem was memory, I used memtest86 to test the newer sticks which showed no issues.
What's weird is that I soon realized that the problem would essentially disappear as long as I was doing something CPU/GPU intensive, such as stressing with Aida64 or running furmark; even playing a heavy game like BF1 would never lock the PC up.

After doing some more diagnostics on drives etc I simply reinstalled Windows.
This solved the problem for about 24 hours.

I've had help trying to figure it out from a guy from reddit but two days later and we still cant isolate the problem.

Here's what we know:

RAM passed memtest86, 4 passes on each stick individually (the new sticks, have not tested the old sticks, but theyre not in the system)

Have run chkdsk command on both drives (SSD with windows installation and storage HDD)

Safe mode with networking seems to be stable, pointing to software/drivers/windows (i say seems to be stable because it might just delay the issue somehow, dunno, i havent had the system in safe mode for longer than a few hours)

Stressing the PC keeps it stable

Windows logs nothing worth mentioning in the Event Viewer (i'll provide logs if anyone wants to take a look anyway)

The freezes are fairly random, i.e. its hard to reproduce them; sometimes it freezes 3 minutes after boot, sometimes up to an hour later, assuming im not stressing the system

We've tried quite a few random "fixes" to no avail, I can't recall all of them but should you mention one I'll let you know if we've tried it already.

I might be forgetting something, I'll update the post if I should remember something.

Any and all ideas are welcome. We're really running out of ideas. I'm on the brink of just ordering a new mobo/cpu/ram combo so i can at least rule out hardware and maybe outdated drivers (mobo is fairly old, drivers havent really been updated on their support site for a 2-3 years)

i5 4690k, unclocked
2x4gb Kingston HyperX Fury ddr3
Z97X-Gaming 3
SSD + HDD, models unsure
CoolerMaster G650M PSU
Windows 10 PRO x64, Version 1803, build 17134.112

Best regards and thank you in advance!

MEMORY_MANAGEMENT does not necessarily mean faulty RAM. It could be your choice of hardware or your memory parameter BIOS settings.

2x4gb Kingston HyperX Fury ddr3 is a vague description of the memory. Try including the part number(s) or link to it.
Jun 14, 2018

This is what speccy tells me about the sticks:

Type: DDR3
Size: 4096 MBytes
Manufacturer: Kingston
Max Bandwidth: PC3-12800J (800 MHz)
Part Number: KHX1600C10D3/4G
Serial Number: 1762667561
Week/year: 45 / 17

Also I've had the system with the same RAM model (the older sticks) for three years without any issues.
Part Number: KHX1600C10D3/4G
This module is sold as a single and is rated at:

The memory has no guarantee to be compatible together. It appears that they are unable to operate at rated specifications when combined.

Memory is guaranteed in the form sold. Combining identical models sold as singles have no guarantees and you take the responsibility for doing your own compatibility testing without any guarantees.
Jun 14, 2018

I remember buying both of them as one item on the store, and also I have tried using just one stick but still freezing.

I have new hardware coming monday, new mobo/cpu/ram (Coffee Lake) which im hoping will solve the issue (was time for an upgrade anyway). If it doesn't solve anything at least I can guarantee its either software (even though I recently reinstalled windows a second time and had it freeze without any software/drivers manually installed) or a failing SSD.