[SOLVED] PC constantly restarting, CPU red light

Jan 10, 2022
Specs:12700k nhd15s msi z690 ddr4 pro rmx850watt 970 evo plus patriot viper 4133 mhz16gb

CPU red light is on
CPU fan, case fans spinning (can’t tell if it’s max speed or not, but definitely not “low speed”)

Havent been able to POST at all.
only used HDMI

Remounting cooler/cleaning and reapplying paste
Reinstalling cpu( it was right the first time as well)
BIOS update
1 ram stick, 1 slower, definitely working ram stick
Ensuring PSU cables are completely plugged in (they were
Different PSU (500Watt, 100% works)
(Note: did not repeatedly restart with this PSU but CPU red light was still on)
Made sure CPU fan is plugged in CPU fan1 and not AiO pump or anywhere else (it was)
Tried loosening cpu cooler screws
CMOS battery removal