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Oct 29, 2019
Currently I'm living in a country which most of the times its hot with a room temperatures reaching to 40-42C* and when cold 30-35C. At hot days my GPU reaches 43 C as idle temperature with 40% fan speed while on cold days it reaches 35-32C* as idle temperature with 40% fan speed. Currently my case is Cougar MX330 with one fan at the front "intake" and one at the back "outtake". The question is if I add case fans on all possible area of the case will it do a difference? and which ones should be intake/outtake. The other question is that if I eliminate my Ryzen's stock cooler and replace it with an 120mm closed loop water cooler and cover the rest of the area with case fans, would it be a better approach?

Case plan:


Ehh, that's not exactly terrible, depending on which exactly is hitting 85C...
You just need to add another front intake fan and one exhaust up top - 2 intake and 2 exhaust - and call it a day.
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Air Flow is what's important. Air must go In then Out expeditiously. Just throwing fans in because there's a port isn't always beneficial.

Side ports are almost always better as exhaust, may not seem that way to gpu temps, but the aim is temp management for the whole case, not one particular component. Blowing gpu exhaust all around the motherboard isn't exactly healthy for upper components. Likewise it blows against the intake flow, disrupting that.

2x or the most amount possible in low front with 2x in the top rear corner is ideal. If you have a long vent on top for a 360mm fan setup, block off the front. It's contrary to the cpu cooler and doesn't do much but feed the middle top fan.

You want blower in the front, suction in the rear, any unused or contrary ports should be blocked off or they act like a split in a hose and siphon off airflow without picking off much case heat along the way.