Question PC crash followed by blank screen

Jan 23, 2023
Hello everyone,

I am facing some problems with my computer recently and since this is the only place I trusted since forever, decided to seek advice here. (specs below)

In the past 2 weeks I started experiencing PC crashes while browsing the web. None of the crashes happened during playing a game. It crashes 3 times in 2 weeks, the computer froze for 2 seconds and then a restart. Today it happened again but after it restarted there was nothing on the screens, backlight was on, the computer booted and after the windows loading screen it just went black (I was also able to enter the BIOS). Tried unplugging the computer, leave it and plug back in, same result. After a few restarts I did a bit of research and from similar cases I decided to unplug RAM sticks. Unplugged the first one, and it worked fine and I put it back in, tested it and it worked again. Can't really tell if turning it on with one ram stick fixed/refreshed the computer and I don't know where to look now. Also there is nothing in the Event viewer at the time of this happening, just a system shutdown that was unexpected.

MOBO: Asus prime B450-plus
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x cooled by a noctua NH-D15
GPU: Asus RTX 3070 (TUF-RTX3070-O8G2)
RAM: x2 Kingston furry beast 8GB 3600MHz CL17 (KF436C17BB/8 )
PSU: Seasonic focus GX 80+ gold 750W
Storage: one SATA SSD samsung 860 EVO 500GB and one 1TB harddrive
OS: Windows 10 pro version 21H2
No overclocking. I have been running this setup for 6 months with no problems until now
Temps also seem normal, ~33C on CPU and 36C on GPU in idle, reaching ~65C and 68C while gaming.

GPU, PSU and RAM are about 6 months old. I saw in some posts that people solved their similar problems by changing the PSU which I hope is not the case here.
One more thing to note, one month ago I upgraded my main monitor with a Dell AW2723DF and I'm using the old one as second monitor, Dell is at 2560x1440 and the other one is FHD. All those crashes started just 1-2 weeks after the new monitor.

Update: Pc froze again while browsing my files, decided to do a restart with the reset button, and again, blank screen. I unplugged the Dell monitor and the windows login screen appeared on the other screen. So it's the monitor causing all this?

Thank you for your time, any help in identifying the cause of the crashes is appreciated!
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Look in Relliability History and Event Viewer.

Either one or both tools may provide some error codes, warnings, or even informational events related to the system crashes.

Reliablity History is user friendly and the timeline format can be very revealing.

Event Viewer requires more time and effort.


Take your time. There is no need to rush through either tool. Look at the details as warranted. Unfortunately the details may or may not be helpful.

Look for things that happened just before or at the time of the crashes. lndividually or in patterns.