Question PC crash so much on certain video game

Feb 27, 2019
HI guys. this is my Pc spec:
CORE i5-6500
RAM 16gb
GTX 1050 ti 4gb
Asus h170 pro gaming motherboard
PSU cosair vs650

Now here's my problem , I bought Overwatch and rainbow 6 siege a while back but I can barely play them due to my PC crashing almost every time I play these two game (by Crashing I mean one of this thing would happen screen would freeze and I can't alt+tab out and the sound in game went quiet but I can still hear my friend talking on discord and they can also hear me 2. Everything freeze ,can not hear anything but Pc still on. 3. An error would occur which will send me to the blue screen said " window run into problem" and most of the time the error code would be NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL or Kernel Security Check fail) I get it if Pc would have this kind of problem from time to time but this is nothing like that. I can play for honor just fine might crash once or twice every 5-10 game or it wouldn't crash at all. Other game work just fine , rendering videos also make my pc crash and sometime it would crash five minutes after I turn on my Pc for no reason. This keep happening more and more often
Anyone ever have this problem before?And if you can help me find a way to fix this it'll mean a lot to me. MY family didn't have much money so we can't buy new Pc parts just yet and I have to use this Pc for college project as well. I've run some "Memmory diagnostic" for a few time it didn't help , tried reinstall my window but still no luck. PLease if anyone have the same problem and have find a way to fix it or if you have any method for me to try , I would be so greatful.

btw pardon my English , it's not my native language so my grammar and vocabs would be wrong and confusing. Sorry for the inconvenience and Thank you for the help in advance
Feb 28, 2019
Could be your hard drive, have you tried playing games on a different one, also i know a guy with the same crashing issue and his cause of it is his ram, try testing one stick of ram at a time to rule it out.