Sep 11, 2021
My PC crashed during Witcher 3 and the screen went black and now I'm unable to turn on the PC.

There are no beeps or sounds after pressing the power button, the CPU fan would rotate for 0.1 sec and stop. The green light on the MB for SB PWR is green and all others are black. Initially thought this would be a power issue, but changing to another PSU didn't help. Tried taking one of the two rams out and swap them to the 1st slot and didn't start either. Kinda bummed on what to try next.

I also didn't build this PC so I don't have the exact CPU.

GPU Gigabyte Nvidia 1070 mini 8gb
CPU Intel i5 4670k?
MB asus z87i deluxe
RAM Mushkin blackline 16gb
PSU Silverstone 650W strider gold

It's my first time posting so let me know if I should include anything.