Question PC Crashed During permission changes, now no text or functionality on windows

Nov 29, 2018
My pc had been acting funny. nvidia control panel wouldn't open because it apparently didn't have permissions to access the files. All of the folders in my pc were set to "read-only" for some reason. I looked online and decided to give the C: drive permissions to my administrator user with full access and I was waiting for it to change the necessary files, but my pc crashed with a blue screen (it does that often). I booted back up the pc and there is no text anywhere. No applications load properly. base windows functionality seems to still be there but still, no text and it's completely unusable. I really don't want to have to reset my pc because I have a ton of important stuff but I've tried ICACLS and /takeown in the recovery environment (because command prompt isn't working in the OS) but nothing seemed to do anything. Anyone had this before or know what to do?

i5 2300 @2.8ghz stock cooler
MSI GTX 1050 2GB
kingston 8gb 1330mhz ram
2tb WD hard drive
no ssd
EVGA 430w 80+
at this point it would be best to get access to another PC and use the media creation tool to create a bootable windows 10 install so you can get access to the recovery menu to try to repair windows.

if you can manage to get access back i would still backup any important data and do a fresh install of windows 10