Question Pc crashed, no display

Jun 30, 2020
HI there,
my specs:
msi thomahawk b450 max
amd 3700x
msi radeon 570x 8gb oc
2x 8 gb ram CORSAIR vengeance
500gb ssd +2TB HDD

Yesterday i started to have random crashes when gaming after the first crash it happends every time after 5-10 min after starting the game. I checked the temp of cpu and gpu and that was both fine. When it crashes i saw a gray/blue/green screen and trugh my headphones there was some unnatural sound. After that the pc just restarted. Today when i was looking for solutions i saw green rectangles come on my screen and my pc frose for a while. The last time this happend i was unable to start my pc. When i start my pc the fans and rgb works but i am not able to connect it to my monitor. When i start my pc there are lights on my motherboard, first the cpu led starts after a few seconds it stops and VGA LED light lights and nothing else happens.
Any ideas what might be wrong.
I tried to re-atach all cables, i took out the gpu and tried to boot the pc. i tried to boot it without mouse, keyboard, without hd .... Before the last crash i also tried updating drivers. Reinstaling graphics drivers. nothing seemed to help.