Question PC crashed Unknown Reason

Jul 31, 2020
Hey, I've been diagnosing my pc for almost a week and really struggling to find the root cause.

Please help 😭

The pc will randomly shut down, sort of because everything in the pc is still lit and fans still operating but there is no signal on monitor. The mobo flashes with a yellow light indicating ram problem (I read the manual).

I first detected this problem during gaming on PES2020 as I noticed the cpu would get around 70c.

I then started running some benchmarks starting with 3D mark but there were no issues.
Then ran heaven. Again nothing.
Finally ran cinebench then the problem occurred where no signal on Monitor, yellow light on mobo yet Fans are operating and LEDs are lit.

Once I restarted the pc, I ran cinebench again. This time no issue? So I ran 3D mark which again no issues. Then went back to cinebench and low and behold, the problem occurred.

So this is what I've tried so far.

Installed msi afterburner to check Temps. Did the process of running 3D mark then cinebench and CPU Temps rise to 75c and the the problem occurs. (done this test about 3 times, 2x 75c, 1x 77c)

I then used one dram stick in A2 slot (mobo guide told me to use A2 and B2). Tried the same test with 3D Mark and cinebench. Problem occurred. Then swapped out to the other stick but this time in B2 slot. Same thing happened again.

Any ideas on what I should try because I haven't got a clue atm.

I should inform that the PSU is connected to a English to EU plug adapter and the gpu I currently sat in a slot with a broken clip. Games run fine but seems to be under load when the problem occurs

Motherboard: ASUS RGB B-450F Gaming
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2600x
CPU Cooler: AMD Ryzen 7 Stock Cooler
RAM: Corsair RGB 16GB DDR-4 3600 x2
M.2 SSD: Corsair MP510 480GB x2
SSD: Samsung 860 Evo 2.5" 1TB
PSU: Corsair 650w VS650
Cooling: Corsair LL120 RGB x4 (1B 3F)