Nov 13, 2022
Okay so I am starting this thread because it's gotten to the point where I don't know what to do anymore...

I've built my PC like 2 years ago ( I can't remember exactly ) and after about a year I started getting a random black screen around once a week, but only on valorant and rocket league. Recently, all of a sudden, when I play rocket league ( haven't tested other games yet ) after about 2 minutes of gameplay 1 of 3 things happen: 1) My screen goes black and my PC becomes unresponsive until I restart, 2) I have weird artifacts, my screen goes cyan, pale red, etc, and my game closes, then, I am met by a message saying "AMD drivers timed out", 3) I get a blue screen saying MEMORY_MANAGEMENT ( only happened twice until now, the others are way more often).

The artifacts also sometimes occur when I am casually using my PC.

I've tried: Checking my RAM using memtest86 ( it showed no errors ), changing my AMD drivers ( some seem to be more stable than others but I've tried a lot and none kept my PC from crashing more than a few minutes into the game ), deleting them using DDU ( this didn't solve the problem ), underclocking/overclocking my GPU, underclocking/overclocking my RAM.

My setup:
  • Motherboard: B450 Gaming X
  • Processor: Ryzen 2600x
  • GPU: RX 590 8GB
  • RAM: Corsair Viper 2x8GB 3200Mhz
  • Windows 10
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Update: After 1 day I tried opening my PC again. It had artifacts even before booting into windows, then, after restarting my PC, my monitor is no longer getting a signal from my GPU and also my keyboard and mouse are no longer lighting up.

For anyone having the same problem: my GPU was too heavy and it was sagging a bit. I found this out when I placed my PC sideways. I will get a support to fix this.
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