Question PC crashes during graphics card driver Installation ?

Jan 17, 2022
So I just built a new pc and I was installing my drivers until I got to my Graphics driver. Installing it caused my pc to crash part way through, afterwards my pc wouldn't turn on until I turned of the power but would still crash when it loaded windows. I managed to load a restore point through the help menu windows gives when you restart 3 times but whenever i install the graphics driver the pc will crash and i have to do the process again.

My specs are:
ryzen 7 5800x
asus ROG strix b550-f gaming
OLOy 32gb (2x 16gb) 3600
crucial p1 1TB m.2
Seagate barracuda compute 2tb
powercolor radeon rx 6800xt red dragon
gigabyte p gm 750w 80+ gold

ps i know its not the graphics card as i have tried another one