Question PC crashes only with a certain monitor


Sep 1, 2012
last night i purchased a preowned monitor MG279Q
that night i set it up and watched videos for hours and everything was fine

today i was doing some graphic work, nothing intensive, just some 2d work and some animation on program called ToomBoom Harmony
anyways, it suddenly went black,

when this happened I tried plugging out the display port and reinserting as well as switching over to a HDMI cable, turning the monitor on and off
(eventhough the screen went black due to lost signal, the monitor itself seemed fine, menu could be accessed without a problem)

I had to restart the comptuer and when I did it was working fine again

until it started happening more frequently

I was watching a video on youtube and it turned black again as someone was speaking
the audio was actually playing for 10 seconds or so before it too froze and I had to restart my comptuer once again

next few times, the monitor would lose signal as soon as i went past windows log in

I'm currently on my old 1080P monitor and there's no crash so far,

what's important to note is that I had installed the custom driver for MG279Q to change the freesync range from its defualt to
60 - 144hz

but the issue seems to be here still even after I had gone into device manager and uninstalled the monitor to delete the drivers

my PC specs are

i5 4690K
2X 8GB DDR3 ram (not sure about the frequency or brand)
r9 290
and an antec 620W PSU

as you can tell it's a very old system
but I cannot understand why it seems to be having this problem on this MG279Q monitor
i had even uninstalled the custom driver via device manager

any sort of help would be appreciated because I can't really use the new monitor when I'm constantly fearing when it's going to crash again
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Jan 22, 2009
The first thing we need to figure is if the failure is related to hardware or software.

Have you tried to switch back to the old monitor - and how does the computer react on that ?

How long time does it normally takes until the problem occurs (like - can you watch a whole youtube video maybe)?

Did you experienced any other issues to your system before you switched monitor?