Question PC Crashes/Radeon Software not compatible


Sep 23, 2012
Skytech Computer
Windows 10 home
AMD Ryzen 5 1400
8gb Ram
RX 580 4gb
Thermaltake Smartseries 500w PSU

I bought this PC for my wife about 2 years ago (2020). Over the last few months it has been giving several fits. Usually if she boots into Conan Exiles or Lost Ark or Realm Royale (doesnt seem to do it when she launches league of legends), the PC will seem to freeze the screen goes black and then says no signal but the PC is still on. Which I've assumed that its a drivers issue, so I try to launch the Radeon Software to check for the newest drivers, but it says that this version of the software isn't compatible. I have to do this almost every time the PC is turned off and back on (not a restart). So then I have to go through the whole process of redownloading the software and the drivers, then everything works fine. However when it's shut off, same thing. What I find even more weird is if the display shuts off, if she force shuts it down she can boot it back up and load into the game without doing a driver update and it works fine. I have looked all over for a solution, one said to go into the registry and stop windows from overwriting old drivers, which I did and 2 days later the problem is back and I can't run the radeon software again because its not compatible. Any ideas? My kids have PC's as well and they all have rx 580's but none of them has this issue, and those are all older machines all still with windows 10.