PC crashes/reboots only during game play


Apr 26, 2014
My PC has been crashing and rebooting on me but only when i try to play any GPU intense video game. I can make it through any game's menus without issue but when i enter game play the PC reboots almost immediately. No BSOD. It just reboots. Otherwise my PC runs 3 monitors without issue.

At first, i thought it was my GTX970 failing, so i swapped it out with my spare GTX770. Swapping out GPUs appeared to be the solution util i stated spanning 3 monitors with the new 770 GPU. Once i spanned all 3 monitors, my PC started rebooting again as soon as i would enter game play. I then went back to using a single monitor with the 770 and i could play most games, however Crysis 3 will still crash and reboot the system with only a single monitor. So i feel like i can rule out my GPU.

With this being said and the extent of hardware tests ive ran i feel like it might be a failing PSU. Especially because about a year ago i had a similar issue, with a single game rebooting my PC. Ace Combat. So a year ago I beefed up my PSU from a 850w to a 1300w and it resolved my issue. I could also hear the capacitors vibrating/making noise on my old 850w while under heavy load, so i felt it necessary to replace no matter what.

Because the new 1300w PSU i install about a year ago resolved my rebooting issue, i thought maybe i was overloading my 850w PSU. Ive since put the 850w PSU into another machine and ive had no issues with it since.

Trouble Shooting:
Windows Event Logs - only state the PC shutdown unexpectedly.
Memtest86 - was ran on each individual stick of RAM. All PASSED.
CPU Stab - ran for long periods of time without issue. No crashes or heat issues.
Checked HDD SMART health - SMART shows GOOD.
Reloaded my OS and games to help ensure no software or viruses could be the cause.
Ran 3D mark (GPU benchmarking) - without issue.
Ran Hardware Monitor during all tests to view temps and voltages.
Temperatures were all in withing specs.
Voltages appeared to be fairly stable and only varied slightly
12v - 11.95 to 12.01
5v - 4.9 to 5.01
3.3v - 3.118 with no fluctuation
CPU VCore - 0.89 to 1.5

AMD 8 core 9370
Asus Saber tooth 990 MOB, revision 2
EVGA 970 FTW (MSI 770 used for testing)
16GB (4GBx4) GSkill RAM
h80i CPU cooler
Samsung 850 SSD
WD black 2T HDD
1300w EVGA super nova PSU
8 case fans

With all this information my question is, am i correct to think its possibly the PSU failing after all my tests? If it is another PSU failure/issue, why so soon (~ a year apart) and why does my PC only fail during game play and not while running 3D mark or CPU stab?

If my house had voltage spikes i feel like it would take out my server first as it runs 24 7 and is plugged into the same surge protector as my gaming rig.

Im really at a loss here and any advice or input into this subject is greatly appreciated!

Andrei N

Feb 22, 2016
Your processor has a TDP of 220 W. You are running an industrial heater in that case. Consider replacing your cooler as it might not be able to do the job anymore. When using benchmarking software you might not get the same results as in game.
Also with most high power components a failure is hard to detect because of how limited the possibilities are for finding test components.
If you want to be 100% sure just send your MB + PSU to warranty with the full description of your problem.
If your PSU failed before it might fail again. Remember that you are running one of the most power consuming processors on the market in a PC.

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