Question PC Crashes, Screen Goes Black, Fans Overdrive [RX 580]

Mar 19, 2022
Current system information before going into more detail:

PC Part Picker:
Video of the crashes with task manager open:
Radeon Software Details:

In short, my graphics card (RX 580) crashes while playing games. The crashing is unique in that my monitors go completely black and the fans start spinning at 100%. My monitors are connected via HDMI and DP.

Interestingly enough, everything on my pc still works. I can be in a discord call when it happens and still communicate with everyone. All audio still plays normally. If I am in a game, I get disconnected from it. I am unable to do anything at this point apart from holding down my power button and restarting. Upon restart, my Radeon Software always gives the notification that “Default Radeon WattMan settings has been restored due to unexpected system failure”

This happens randomly. For the videos linked, the first one took only 4 minutes of gameplay to crash whereas the second one had me playing for 30 minutes before the crash occurred.

Games that it has crashed with:
Apex Legends
Anno 1800
COD Warzone

I do a lot of video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and have never experienced a crash. A crash has also never occurred when doing standard activities with my PC such as browsing the web or streaming video.

I have attempted many different versions of the Radeon Software. Properly reinstalling, wiping the drivers and using older ones going as far back as 2017 drivers. Regardless of the driver version, the crash still happens. This started last year and happened very rarely. Sometimes weeks in between a crash. Over time it has started ramping up to the point where I am guaranteed a crash if I play for 30-60 minutes.