Question PC Crashes w/buzzing sound randomly


Jun 6, 2015
Hello guys, thanks in advance for your time

Recently I created a Frankenstein's monster of a machine from parts given to me by a couple of friends. The rig is an Nvidia 1050 on an AMD FX(tm) - 8350 8 Core. Ram is standard for the time Corsair Vengeance, 1366. Everything has been cleaned, stress-tested for hours on end and temps & clocks seem fine. Now, the thing is, out of the blue I get buzzing crashes and very rarely shutdowns. No Bluescreen, no dump files, just a total freeze that only reports a Kernel Power Loss in Event Log. Before those crashes my temp does not go above 89c, even when running OCCT (actually I am running it as I'm writing this and have been for an hour). Tried Valley, FurMark (GPU & CPU Sharks) - nothing. Passes with flying colours. The crashes will occur at random, sometimes under heavy load and other times whilst the PC is chilling - although the second case is rarer. Nothing OCed, optimized motherboard settings. Running latest drivers on everything after installing 'em by hand, fresh out of a format, Win10Pro x64, latest build. Samsung SSD by the way, old 850 series, condition "Excellent" as reported by the monitoring software.

I'm at a loss. Could PSU be causing all this? Wouldn't it crash whilst running stress tests in the same manner?