PC crashing after rebuilding loop

May 27, 2018

I recently builded my own custom loop. (1 Week ago)
Today I drained the whole system to change the coolant. I disassemble the whole system and also aplied some new thermal paste on the Monoblock.
After rebuilding the system the PC started and everything was just as always. I turned off the system and wasn’t able to restart it afterwards. I just plugged the whole system out and waited for 30 minutes.
The system booted and got me to windows. After 5 minutes the system crashed and the system rebooted itself immediately but there was no signal. I couldn’t do anything.
And now its stays in this condition.
Just black screen and no signal on the graphics card and the same with the HDMI on the mainboard istelf.

The only thing that I could imagine, what happened is that some coolant spilled on the mainboard.

Here my specs:

Case: Fractal Nano S
Mobo: Asus Strix Z370I
CPU: Intel i7 8700K
GPU: EVAA GTX 1080ti SC2
RAM: 32 GB G.Skill Trident Z 3200Mhz
PSU: Corsair SF600

Watercooling parts from EK. (I'm aware that i mixed up in- and outled of the Monoblock)
D5 Pump standalone.
Alphacool DP Ultra

Thanks in advanced! And I'm sorry if the text isn’t grammatical correct, I’m doing my best to improve! :p