[SOLVED] PC crashing and rebooting during gaming ?

Mar 6, 2022
My PC keeps crashing and restarting about an hour into playing games and sometimes less! No error codes!

I have been monitoring my temps in game and they never get over 65 degrees celsius for the GPU or CPU.
I use drive booster to make sure all of my drivers are up to date.
I have cleared temporary files and cleaned up all corrupted files.

I think I have checked off as many software related boxes as I can but it's still crashing. The PC completely shuts off and reboots between 30 minutes to an hour and a half of playing games (mainly destiny 2).

This is a relatively new build that is about a month old now. It has crashed before seldomly but now it's just crashing everyday at the said intervals. I am not overclocking anything and the BIOS is at default settings. I'm hoping this isn't a hardware issue but I don't really know what else to check...

Any advise of troubleshooting that I haven't already tried would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

PC specs:
mb-- Asus Tuf z690 +wifi
cpu-- i5 12600k
gpu-- Rog Strix 3060 ti
psu-- EVGA gold 850w
ram-- 32gb (16+16) corsair vengance rgb
ssd-- WD black 1TB pcie 4.0
aio-- msi cooler master 240r
fans-- 6x corsair QL120 rgb
os-- windows 10 home
just a thought have you got the "asus armoury crate" installed it might show a driver maybe you are on the latest bios version just a few thoughts.
normally on the asus page for your motherboard at the end