Question PC Crashing (automatic restart even when disabled) Whenever I launch one particular game (Kernel 41)


Nov 23, 2017
Hey everyone, been having an issue for a few months now where whenever I launch the game Dead By Daylight (which I have been playing for years without any issues) my PC finishes the intro cutscene and instantly crashes as soon as I reach the main menu. Some info on the crash, the menu completely freezes up, my FPS drops down to 1 and then 'unpauses' resumes for .5 seconds before crashing.

For those months I thought it was purely that game that had the issue, until a recent playthrough of xcom 2 had my computer crashing whenever I reached a certain scene. Showing it is infact my computer.

EDIT: I've checked event viewer and I have a bunch of kernel 41 power issues, which made me think it was the PSU. But i have no issues with any other far more intensive games

I have done SO much to try and fix this issue. Things I have tried

-Unparked CPU cores
-Cleaned out my PC/PSU of dust
-Reinstalled drivers
-Uninstalled antivirus
-Reinstalled windows
-Checked temperatures (fine)
-Played much more intensive games without any issues
-Turned off automatic restart
-Changed power settings
-Turned off Asus surge protection in bios (sometimes showed surge protection as the reason for crash and I read it was buggy)

Last night I unparked my CPU cores and the game launched fine, actually worked. It was also working this morning, I thought I had solved the issue, but upon trying to play the game again tonight im encountering the same issue, im completely at a loss as what to try next. I'd buy a new PSU incase that was the issue but funds are low and I don't have another on hand to make sure its the problem. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. SOS haha
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