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Question PC Crashing From ShadowPlay Recordings

Mar 8, 2019
So basically my problem is that I recorded something with my ShadowPlay Instant Replay and I could watch it back just fine. But as I started watching more suddenly the video froze. The audio was fine and I could move my mouse but I couldn't Alt + Tab or CTRL + ALT + DELETE or ⊞ Win + D. I had to completely restart my pc with the power button. Recenty this happened again but this time the mouse was really laggy and there was a beeping sound. (Not directly from my computer). 2 Times when I was watching my clips I also bluescreened with VIDEO_INTERNAL_ERROR. But this all started when I switched from my GTX 750 ti Black Edition (because I was having driver programs problems with that) to a GTX 1050 ti. I got it used but it was from a family member and he told me the card had worked for him for 2 years. And YES I wiped GFE and my previous drivers from my PC with DDU, AND I downloaded the newest game ready driver directly from Nvidias site. Ill leave my Basic specs down below.

I5 3570K 3.40Ghz
GTX 1050 ti
16 GB DDR 3 Ram

Before I got my GTX 1050 ti No bluescreen or pc crash occured.
I have no idea why this happens so please help me!
Thank you!