Question PC Crashing in 1024x768 resolution while playing csgo GT 1030

Jan 18, 2021
hey guys, i got a problem while playing csgo on 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
it works fine on 800x600 resolution for 4-5hrs then it too crashes.
previously my fan of gt 1030 was jammed and i applied it for rma and it isnt jammed now
had same issue while it was jam and same when it isn't jammed.
i have also done stress test for every single component and my pc crashes in gpu stress test.

my pc specs:

i5 9400f processor
b365m-c motherboard
gigabyte gt 1030 2gb ddr5
240gb ssd
500gb hdd(from old pc)
8gb RAM
PSU Brand: Zebronics
Model: ZEB-N450W(DSATA)
Yeah, I am surprised the system runs with that PSU. It's 180W PSU and not 450W. The 12v rail is what matters and it can only supply 15A on that which means no more than 180W. That's the best it can do under OPTIMAL conditions. It should not be used for your rig mate as it can damage something else when it fails. You need a better and higher quality PSU.
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