Question PC Crashing into black screen.

Jun 8, 2021
Hey! Im currently having this issue where After using my PC for a while, Boom, Black screen, into boot menu, into NOTHING!! Let me break it down. When I use my new built PC, I only have about 5 hours until out of the blue, the display goes dark, and back we go into the boot menu, not BIOS, but boot menu, where the motherbaord logo is showing. Usually It would do this, go back to black screen and show a text in a command promt way that says (Cant remember everything accurately) Theres nothing to boot up, something like that. The only fix is the power Of and power back on, and everything would be back to normal. Its getting to me tbh. Its getting really annoying and it might be damaging something for the unexpected shut downs from windows 10. I heard people talk about how its the SSD, PSU, Motherboard, But Im very confused and at this point I might just give up. If anyone can tell me a fix, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. PC Specs are that follow:

GPU - Nvidia 1650 Super
CPU - Ryzen 5 3600
PSU - Thermaltake 550W (I heard that this is a bad psu and hopefully thats the reason)
RAM - T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 16Gb Ram
Mobo - ASRock B450M Pro4
Storage - XPG SX850 256 Gb (Main)
Seagate 1tb HHD
Case - NZXT h510i

If you guys need any pictures or ANYTHING, please reply, i really dont want to give up on this, thank you.


Thermaltake is the brand of the PSU, while 550W is the wattage of the unit. What is the model of the unit? How old is the unit? You might want to source a reliably built PSU from a friend or neighbor who owns a PSU with at least 550W of power for your entire system. If the issue does not persist, then you need to replace the PSU.

What BIOS version are you currently on for your motherboard? Does the SSD have any firmware updates pending?