Question PC Crashing - Motherboard or GPU?

Sep 30, 2021
Last night my PC crashed while gaming and pretty much died since. When I turn my PC on 1 of 2 things happen: it may let me sign into windows for 1-2 minutes at most before crashing, OR it crashes before even reaching that point. In both cases my GPU fans go berserk/get really loud but the PC doesn't power down until I force it to. After powering on there are 4 short beeps (MSI mpg z390 mobo) which from what I have found is a mobo issue. BUT when I unplug my GPU the beeps on the mobo go away and my PC seems to behave normally (although there is no display so I have no way to verify). When I am able to sign in temporarily I have monitored the temperatures and nothing seems out of the ordinary pre-crashing. What I can say forsure is that it is NOT the RAM (tried multiple differing units) and it is NOT the PSU (bought a new one thinking that was the issue). One more thing to note is that my GPU seems to be whining/whistling which I didn't notice before the initial crash. Just trying to be sure here before I send my GPU off to RMA purgatory.