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Question PC crashing - -- no BSOD or error log?


Oct 10, 2017
The past 2 months I've had a problem where my PC will crash and restart with no BSOD, no windows error log, nothing. Can be while gaming, or video editing or doing absolutely nothing. Very inconsistent could be 15 mins, 4 hours or I won't see it happen for a few days. The 1 consistent factor is never a BSOD, the pc locks up, video doesnt move or mouse, i can often hear audio for a few seconds then straight to rebooting

I have updated every single driver, backed off all overclocks, stress tested CPU and GPU and RAM, my temps are fine (custom water cooled, CPU stays under 65c and GPU under 40c)

I'm wondering if it's 1 of my SSD's? Probably my system drive. I went to boot my PC today and first post gave me "HDD post error" on the motherboard LCD screen. Held power button to restart and started fine this time. What else could it be?

System drive: Samsung 960 Evo 500gb
Gaming and files drive: Samsung 850 Evo 1tb.

Other specs,

Asus Xi formula MB
Intel 9900,
1080 Ti
gskill trident z 4000mhz ram,
corsair hx1000i PSU