Question PC Crashing RTX 3070


Jul 5, 2016
Hello! I upgraded my GPU from 2070 super to a RTX 3070 and sometimes the PC crashes under heavy load. Like GTA V on maxed settings 2K resolution. The screen would go black and nothing would work unless i reboot the system. The first thought was that it was a PSU issue, but when I used a wattmeter, it would only draw around 400w under load. I also stress tested the PSU by putting the power limit to 156%, so the PSU was drawing around 550W and it didn't crash? So what could be the issue here?

All temps are good CPU hovering under 75c and GPU doesn't go above 65c

I7 9700K
Asus RTX 3070 Strix
24GB Ram

Corsair TX550M
Hey there,

Whilst your PSU is pretty decent, PSU's like yours can be found not to be up to the task with a 3070. The min recommended PSU for a 3070 is a 650w for an I5/Ryzen 5 based system, and a 750w for I7/I9 Ryzen 7/9. Basically a lot of otherwise good PSU's have trouble keeping up with the RTX models which switch load very quickly, and these fast load changes can cause even good PSU's problems. Whilst you may not pull more than 550-600w from the wall a 3070, can switch from low wattage to high demand very quickly which causes instability in some PSU's.