Question PC Crashing to a black screen with inverted colors ?

Jan 19, 2023
Pc Specs ~
i7 9700k no overclock
RTX 3080 12gb black edition
850W EVGA Gold PSU
32GB of GSkill DDR4 Ram @ 3000
Z390 Mobo ASUS
Windows 10 Pro 22H2 fully updated,
GPU Drivers fully cleared using Nvidias tool and updated

So recently I purchased an RTX 3080 (I dont know if this is GPU related but it seems to be from testing etc) and for the last month or so it has been working without issue. Yesterday (1/16) it started crashing and the display would turn black with inverted colors on the screen. It would then power off, power back on and continue working again. I have tried reseating all connections and cleaning and dust out of my case. I was monitoring temps and usage at the time. Temps for the GPU were at 60c and 20%~ usage overall. CPU was at about 50% usage roughly. So I started doing some testing on different games and most of them I was able to play for roughly 45 Minutes - 1 Hour before experiencing a crash. I was however able to play Old School Runescape for hours without crashing. This game isn't very heavy on the GPU. I do however have GPU enabled so it does get a little more usage (still around 20% 60c). I let my PC idle overnight and it made it for 7 hours of uptime according to Task Manager. Leading me to believe this happens when the GPU experiences load. Has anyone else experienced this issue with a solution? Hoping its not my brand new 3080...but its the only thing ive changed recently.

Thank you for any help!

This picture below was from another user experiencing this problem about 2 years ago so the post has died off..but this is EXACTLY what mine is doing.