Question PC Crashing under extreemly low load and I dont know why.

Apr 18, 2020
Hi, I am currently having an issue where my gaming PC is crashing under virtually no load, I can play the most recent games like 'Doom Eternal' 'Cod Warzone' on max settings at over 144 fps and I can't replicate the crash but basic web browsing/game or file downloads will cause the PC to freeze, any music I am playing in the background to loop and my second monitor will go green or black and I have no option but to hard reset the PC

The crashes create no 'crash reports' after they happen so I cant create a minidump file to find out what's wrong with the PC. I have done a full malware scan of my computer and found nothing, GPU and CPU temps are under control at around 30 - 45 degrees resting temps and max out at 75/76 degrees when under heavy load on specific games. So I am guessing that this is an issue with either the RAM, PSU or GPU if anyone can offer any advice on how to solve this I would really appreciate it.

PC Specs
GPU - RTX 2080ti
CPU - Intel Core i7-9700k
RAM - 42gb
Mobo - ASUS Prime Z390-P
PSU - 650w Coolermaster MWE White V2