Question PC Crashing under load with new 16gb kit

Jul 28, 2019
Just installed another 16gb (2x8) of corsair vengeance 3000mhz c15 the other day and im experiencing crashes. Crashes happen either 10 min into game to a couple hours. I was running at 4.5 on the cpu with the xmp profile when it started crashing, i reverted everything in bios back to defaults and it hasn't changed. I noticed in cpuz that the sticks are the same besides 2 sticks say single rank and 2 sticks say dual even though they are the same serial number? did i just get bad sticks?

Pc Specs
i7-6700k @ 4.5
Maximus Hero VIII
32gb corsair 3000mhz
Asus 980ti SLI

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Just installed another 16gb (2x8)
Unfortunately RAM is only guaranteed compatibility in the form sold (in the same packs). This is regardless as to whether they are the same make / model timings. It's really a 50/50 gamble as to whether they will wotk nicely together.

Does the issue go away when the new RAM is removed?
Does the issue persist if ONLY the new RAM is installed?
Memory manufacturers don't guarantee that the use multiple kits will be compatible together.

Such combinations often cause the memory to no longer to be able to operate at rated specifications.

Workarounds to get extra memory to work together include:
Lower memory clock speed
Relax DRAM timings
Increase DRAM voltage
Jul 28, 2019
ok i was able to check last night after i was off work. With the new ram removed it runs fine as it did before. is it bad sticks? or do i need to play around with timings etc to make it stable or just return them