[SOLVED] PC crashing when gaming.

Jul 31, 2019
Hey all,

My PC has been crashing when I am playing games recently. Most often when the game first loads up my computer will just shut off. I downloaded EVGA Precision X1 and throttled my GPU power to 70% and it seemed to solve the issue, but now it appears as if I have to drop it down to 60-65% for my games to work. From what I can tell the issue arises when the GPU makes a jump in power, for example in the Witcher 3 when in a menu the GPU clockspeed goes down because there is nothing graphically intensive, and if I stay in the menus long enough the game will crash, but not while playing in the game. My first thought was that my PSU was failing so I checked my voltages in my bios and they are as follows:

CPU core: 1.064 V
System 3.3V: 3.280 V
System 5V: 4.956 V
System 12V: 11.880
DRAM: 1.480 V

I also installed HWMonitor and it shows about the same except the 12V shows around 13V- 13.5V in that, but I am more inclined to believe my BIOS. I honestly do not know much about PSU voltages but they seem to be in the clear so I don't believe its a PSU issue. Not really sure what to do from here, I've updated drivers, tried rolling them back, but I am still holding out hope its something I can fix and won't have to spend money replacing any of my components. Please let me know if you have any ideas or need any additional information!

PC Specs:
Mobo: MSI 990FXA Gaming (MS- 7893)
CPU: AMD FX-6300
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, Gigabyte card
PSU: Can't remember exact model but its a thermaltake 600W
Ram: 16Gb can't remember exact types.
HDD: 2TB drive and an additional 1TB drive

I have also never done any overclocking in this rig since I built it a few years back.

Thanks much!

Edit: My temps are all in the clear as well, so that should not be the issue