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Question PC dead after normal shutdown

Jul 31, 2021
I got a new PC built for gaming and mining just 5 months back. It used to mine for most of the time except when i wanted to play games etc.
So one night there was a thunderstorm/lightning therfore i wanted to be safe, shut down the PC and switch the Power button on the PSU to 0 (off position). But the main plug from the wall was still on. Next morning the storm was gone, when i switch on the PC the Fans spun for about 10 seconds and thereafter they never turned on. Pls note from now onwards i have not seen any sign of life in the PC ( no fans spinning, nothing)
The following are the things i tried to troubleshoot:
  1. Check the main power cable (its working fine and delivering power).
  2. Reseated the RAM, CPU and then tried turning on. No luck.
  3. Removed my GPU, HDD and tried, no luck.
  4. Cleared CMOS by reseating the battery no luck.
  5. I Checked my PSU with a multimeter, it is working fine. All voltages are what they are supposed to be.
  6. Shorting the Power switch with a screwdriver instead of using to power button, no luck.
At this point i was 90% certain that my motherboard has died, so i got a brand new one today, and it is also not working. Now i am at my wits end to figure out what is wrong with this thing.
What am i missing out? Can someone help please.

PC Specs :
CPU : Ryzen 5 3500x
Mobo : Asrock b450m hdv (old) and Gigabyte a320m s2h (new)
GPU : Nvidia Rtx 2060
PSU : Corsair VS 500
Ram : corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 3200
Checked my PSU with a multimeter, it is working fine. All voltages are what they are supposed to be
This does not mean the PSU is good. Not after a storm and when talking about worst Corsair model on the market. There is no other way here but to test with another PSU. Generally troubleshooting this kind of problem you want to start with only motherboard and PSU, all other components are out until you'll get life signs form board. However worst case scenario even all components (or at least many) could be damaged so you have to install them back one by one (CPU first then RAM then GPU then rest). Of course it wont POST without RAM and GPU but that's what you have buzzer for to know if it's doing expected things.