[SOLVED] PC dead after power surge - help?


Jan 31, 2016
So, my pc died after a power surge, despite being plugged into a surge protector, grounded outlet, etc. (Im assuming the motherboard is also dead, hopefully nothing else lol) I bought a new PSU and still nothing, however I did notice something. The new PSU makes a suuuuper quiet high pitched noise (almost silent to the naked ear), which im assuming is coil whine. Whenever I press the power button, it gets a little bit louder. Is this possibly a good sign or? Thanks and regards :)
Most surge protectors have self destruct protection.
On a power surge, the protection is damaged or gone.
As above, try a direct connection to the wall.
A cheap surge protector will not protect against many power issues.
If you can, use a UPS. Better yet, put a quality power protector in front of the ups.
It is likely, more than you might want to spend though: