Question Pc deadlocking


Nov 29, 2018
Hi, my computer has been deadlocking recently and I am struggling to fix it. I beleive the problem is a missing or corrupted windows 10 file. I have Done a system restore but the problem persists. I have added no new hardware and have downloaded no new drivers. All my hardware has been secured correctly. I tried to re install windows but media creation tool causes the PC to deadlock. The PC does not deadlock in safe mode but media creation tool does not work in safe mode and my settings windows closes the moment I open the updates tab. Resetting the installation only provides a problem resetting with no changes made. I did a sfc scan and a it showed thst a file was missing. This is not a an overheating problem as I put my own hand on all components and felt the metal on the back of the motherboard were the CPU sits. All components were no hotter than my room. This problem started when I was playing Factorio and I believe an autosave caused the first deadlock. I am out of ideas and need to get my PC fixed soon. Thank you in advance.
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