Question PC/Device needs to be repaired


Nov 3, 2013
So I was trying to reinstall windows and I placed a windows installation file on a USB. I unplugged all my drives but 1 and tried to install, but each time it failed around 50%. Eventually I gave up and decided to try recover from a restore point which I made before trying reinstall. I enabled my other drives again which is when I got “Your PC/device needs to be repaired” I only got this when enabling the other drives again. What is weird though, is that it tells me to use a recovery tool such as on a USB. Which I already have plugged in, but it isn’t picking up. And even more weird it picks it up again once I disable the drives again. But I need it specifically with those drives enabled. I honestly feel like my pc is bricked, with no other computer to try redownload the installation files on the USB again incase it was a corruption to do with the USB. What can I do?