Question Pc died after OC

Jul 2, 2018
Hello every one today I was overclocking my gtx 780 gigabyte ghz edition and it was fine and all I was using msi afterburner and msi kombustor to benchmark it, I went and raised the core clock from 55 to 60 and the memory clock from 550 to 600 and then I hit the benchmark I wait 3 seconds then R.i.p the PC I hear a loud pop screen off PC off I smell burn I thought that the PC went on fire I removed every cable and put it to the side but thank God nothing was on fire. So guys what do you think happend did the psu died or? The gpu and the psu were hot My PC specs is : i5-4430 3.00 GHz / gtx 780 gigabyte ghz edition gpu / 16 GB Kingston 3ddr Ram / 800 watt psu I think that its Chinese but it was from a very known company / Gigabyte GA-H87-HD3
This PC is 7 years old. It lived a good life