Question PC disconnects from wifi constantly. Please help!

Mar 29, 2022

My PC is constantly disconnecting from the wifi, however, all my other devices work just fine and do not disconnect. I have tried checking for updates to the adapters and uninstalled/reinstalled them. That doesn't work.

As a gamer, this is extremely frustrating. Please help! <3


As a gamer
"True" gamer would use wired connection, rather than wi-fi. And essentially solely for this reason (wi-fi cutting out).
Same actually applies to peripherals as well, whereby true gamers are using wired KB and mice, rather than wireless ones (again, for the same reason).

Try removing your other devices from network (turn wi-fi off on them), to see if it helps. Other than that, i don't know what else to do, since the nature of wi-fi is, it being unstable, with cut outs. Cable connection is solid and will not cut off, that is until the cut off is on ISP's side.
The above response is actually the best one. No matter what you do you will always have random issues with wifi and games pretty much unlike any other type of traffic do not tolerate it well.

You are extremely limited on what you can do. On desktop PC the most common problem is the antenna are being blocked by the metal case. There are antenna extension cable that might help that or maybe turning the pc different direction might help. After that it is the standard
Try the other radio band 2.4 or 5
Change the radio channels on the router.
Try setting it to 20mhz channels, this will greatly reduce the speed which does not matter for games but it will affect all users connected so be careful about changing this. This may not fix it anyway but you can see if you get lucky.