Question PC Disconnects from WiFi when trying to connect to Online Game Services (Warzone, Genshin Impact, Nexon Launcher)

May 5, 2020
Does anyone have any idea whats causing this? I did a virus scan and quarantined 5 threats found by malwarebytes. This happens only when I launch the apps mentioned above I havent tried others yet. But as soon as I launch cod warzone, it tries to connect to online services but then my wifi connection dies, adapter is fine its just like something is blocking my access. I have firewall disabled and I have the latest updates installed for Win10, and related drivers. I tried to renewip and flush dns nothing worked still My wireless adapter is an IgniteNet SP-W2MAC1200 and I'm connected to it via ethernet cable. Can anyone help me with this please as this is very frustrating and cant play games with friends.