PC display totally blank, even before the BIOS.

Bradley Lind

Mar 2, 2015
Hey guys,
Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Last night I left my PC on, to awake to find it was off, and wasn't displaying anything on the screen.
Naturally I restarted the computer, and checked the PC's cables were all connected to no avail.

I then tested the monitor with my laptop finding that the monitor worked perfectly, leaving the fault to be down to the computer.
I then realised that when starting the computer, no bleeps could be heard. I then began performing a bleep test on the PC, so I decided to open it up, and remove the RAM so that it would (or should at least) make the bleep/s, but no sound emerged.

Not hearing the bleeps made me instantly assume that the motherboard must've been fried by a power surge as that is what should normally make the sounds, right?
(Frequent in my household, 6 people in a houseshare, 7 fridge freezers, an electric boiler, electric power shower, 5 TV's, 2 PC's, 6 laptops, godknows how many mobiles, all on one circuit. I know that is ridiculous, direct your remarks to my landlord.).

Thinking that it had then been a power surge I immediately left to my local Novatech, to buy a replacement motherboard (the exact same model), I have now spent the entire day re-building my pc around this new motherboard in a new case and STILL it fails to work AND the still no beeps (Must be a silent board).

I have tried the following:
- Removing the power cord and holding the power button for 40 seconds
- Removing the CD drive
- Disconnecting the HDD (To see the BIOS, which still didnt show)
- Removing the graphics card
- Leaving the unit alone for half an hour
- Removing the CD drive/HDD/graphics card all together

My PC often (Before last night) disconnects random parts of itself such as a USB device or the graphics card, I believe this is down to not enough system power, but the PSU couldnt be the cause of this error could it? Even with so much removed?

Just to clarify, the monitor shows NO sign of anything, no manufacturers logo, no BIOS, nothing; however the fans/HDD/LED's on the case all still work.

My motherboard:

Also, I am unsure of what category this kind of question should be under as I am yet to determine the source of the problem, I am sure if it is in the wrong catagory, the mods will move it for me :)

Thanks everyone! :)

Edit: So you think it most likely is a power problem caused by the PSU?
and yes, when the problem first occured it was put into a 5 gang extention lead along with the monitor, fridge and my mobile phone, with one slot to spare.

The PSU itself is supposed to be a bad one anyway (450watt I believe) made by some company I'd never heard of.

The PC was a pre-built PC World, 'Advent' model which I got whilst I was working at the store (was employed by PC World/Currys for about 4 months).
I have since changed a few of the parts, but haven't changed the PSU yet
It's a 450watt "Channel Well Technology" PSU.

Also, no there is no surge protector on my line

Edit: Is there any way to determine if the CPU is faulty?
I have no spare PC's to test with, only a laptop....so is there a way to test it using this PC?

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the psu could be out and still give low power on the 12 volt line i would have it check . also do you use a power surge bar between the wall outlet and the computer system . since surge you have blow out cpu and ram .