Question PC do not use the full potential during gaming


Apr 6, 2022
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The problem is the following:
I've seen a problem that I can t explain in some videos, also on my pc.
Basically cpu,gpu % are lower then 90 or 80, ram is not fully used and also vram.
The only thing that I ve not seen is the bus, but in my test I ve seen ALL, also the psu.
here a link where you can see the problem, is really clear on the hitman bench.
The video is not mine and the pc part are all in description, while mine are:
i5 9600k @ 4.6Ghz all core(also cache ratio is 4.6)
1060 6GB ASUS Dual OC +100mhz (both memory and cores) 100W (performance are not power limited, it reach the bar)
z390 tomahawk
trident z royal 2x8 3200mhz cl 16
samsung 860qvo 1TB
gigabyte atc800
sharkoon silentstorm icewind 750 black

The core are all loaded and there is no limit from both power or temps cause the temps do not reach more then 75° and the parts can reach the settings
A game or a benchmark will only use as much as it can use...
It's extremely rare that it will go to 100% on a game since the GPU will limit it to less than that.
The GPU will also not always show up as 100% because no monitor tool looks at all of the components of a GPU at once and it only needs on of them to be filled to limit all the rest.
If you get the same FPS as a review tells you then it's fine and that's all the game can do.