Question PC does not boot after cloning old hard drive onto new SSD


Dec 29, 2017
I'm trying to switch the boot drive in my Windows 10 PC by cloning the 3TB Toshiba Hard drive I'm currently using onto a 2TB Samsung 870 QVO SSD. I have been unsuccessful so far though. Today I cloned the SSD using Macruim Reflect Free and when I tried to boot the PC with just the new SSD it went into recovery mode. Before that I tried using Samsung's migration software multiple times, booting with safe start on and off and basically every way I could imagine. I've always reached out to Samsung's tech support multiple times and they were the ones who recommend Macrium Reflect.

I've previously tried clean installing and cloning with a Samsung NVME SSD but that didn't work and I ended up returning it. I've been trying to upgrade my boot drive for over a year now so if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!

BTW my specs are ASUS ROG STRIX B250F Gaming, Zotac mini 1080, 2x8gb crucial 2400hz memory, NZXT H440(case), and the 3tb Toshiba Hard drive.