[SOLVED] PC does not boot and display certain colors.


Mar 23, 2014
I was playing a game when my screen started showing random green dots. PC shortly after completely froze.
I restarted the PC thinking it was a windows error. The PC could not boot into windows, it kept trying to scan disks for errors.
I managed to enter the bios but the colors are all messed up.

I tried connecting the monitor directly to the motherboard, but I did not get a signal.

This is a picture showing the messed up colors in:

What do you think failed? CPU or the motherboard?
The likelihood of both CPUs failing is low. I suspect the motherboard is responsible for the both CPU failures.

PC specs:
i5 8600k (w/ cryorig h7)
MSI z370 gaming x
2x8gb ddr4
nvidia gtx 770

Additional information:
Around June last year I built a PC with the specs above. After 6 months of use CPU failed.I suspected the motherboard caused the CPU failure so I sent both back to the store under warranty. They tested both parts and concluded that the CPU was dead but the motherboard worked. So they sent back the motherboard with a new CPU. Now after few months of use here I am.

The CPU has never been overclocked. Temps are stable.

Threads I made earlier regarding the issues I had with the previous build:
MSI Z370 - top PCIe 3.0 x16 slot stopped working
Can a "working" motherboard cause CPU failure?

EDIT 1: I removed the GPU and turned on the PC with screen connecte directly to the motherboard.
It worked, booted into windows with all of the colors there!
Which makes me think: Why didn't the PC boot when I connected the screen directly to the motherboard WHILE the GPU was still installed?

This said, now I think the GPU is faulty. I will do more test and will update if I find anything.

EDIT 2: I installed the GPU back in the PC but this time into a secondary PCI slot. The original issue happened (missing colors, very very similar to the picture above). Now, I believe the GPU is the definite issue. I will install the GPU in another PC later.
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Mar 23, 2014
I tested the GPU in a completely separate build. The issue is the original one, missing colors.
The GPU is faulty.

I never experienced a GPU failure, sorry for starting an unnecessary thread.
I am not sure why this GPU failed. I guess it's the age that got to it.

I hope this thread will be useful to someone in the future :)