Question Pc doesn t boot right. Monitor has no signal and rgb mouse&keyboard don t light up

Dec 20, 2020
Cpu: amd fx-8310
Gpu: amd r7 240/gtx 1050 ti
Mobo: m52bc_m32bc
Psu: nJoy titan 500w 80+
Memory: samsung 8gb ddr3 single channel

I got this thing when i start my pc every fan is working, all the components seem to work but i can t get any signal to my monitor nor to my keyboard and mouse.

This happened before when i had a 300w psu and the r7 240 but all i had to do was to switch a faulty extension cord.

Now i decided to upgrade to a gtx 1050 and a 500w psu. Everything was working well, i installed both, connected everything and booted it up without any problem. I installed the gpu drivers and turned off the pc to set the case cover back. But when i tried to start it again i got the same thing to happen as in the past with the old build. No signal to monitor and keyboard only lights up when i connect the power cord to the psu.

I tried almost everything: held on the power button, replaced the cmos battery, cleaned the ram and switched it to other slots, even put back the old setup(gpu and psu) and it still didn t work. Could it be the mobo or the ram?